K9 Bed Bug Dectection Services


Canine Detection Service’s specially-trained canine uses his nose to find bugs at all life stages hiding in cracks, crevices, folds and seams that are invisible to the eye.

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Pest Control Services: Canine Detection Services

Canine Detection Services is a husband and wife team- made up of Brandon & Beth Gilmore and our fearless pack leader, Scruff McGruff- a 20-pound Jagd Terrier with a tenacious drive to hunt bed bugs.

Our story began two years ago when a personal friend approached Brandon about training a bed bug detection dog for his pest control company in Charleston, South Carolina. Three months later, we delivered a fully trained “bed bug dog” and watched our friend’s business flourish with this specialized new service.

The experience got us thinking as we began to recognize a need for a bed bug detection service here in western North Carolina.

Our fascination with working dogs and Brandon’s experience as a 20-year K9 trainer/handler for Waynesville Police Department (his “day job”) became an opportunity for us to respond to the rising resurgence of bed bugs and meet the need for a cost saving solution in a practical way.