K-9 Bed Bug Detection


With special care & attention, bed bugs can be treated.

Bed bug sniffing dogs rates

Canine Detection Service’s specially-trained canine uses his nose to find bugs at all life stages hiding in cracks, crevices, folds  and seams that are invisible to the eye.

Residential Structure

As low as $75 per inspection
(pricing is based on square footage).

Multi-Unit Facilities

(hotels, motels, dormitories, residential healthcare facilities, group homes, office buildings)
As low as $10 per room, with contract.
A 10-room minimum is required.

Short Term/Vacation Rentals

Find bed bugs early, before your guests. Quarterly inspections ensure early detection and prevent the spread of bugs and bad reviews.
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Long Term Rentals

Insure/Verify all units are “bed bug free” before new tenants move in or out of long term rentals.

New Home Inspections

CDS offers special rates for home inspectors and/or real estate agents.
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Specialized Use

CDS will negotiate reasonable rates for non-traditional inspections: including, pre-owned furniture stores and/or moving companies, luggage, storage units, and vehicles etc.